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What is Angular Master?
Angular Master is an interactive online course featuring live Q&A sessions and a community of seasoned Angular developers. Learn from Manfred Steyer, an Angular GDE and Trusted Collaborator within the Angular team, as he guides you through the process of planning and developing large, enterprise-scale Angular applications. Delve into the world of Domain Driven Design (DDD) to strategize the perfect solution, and discover how Nx Monorepos can be utilized to implement your Strategic Domain Design.

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Angular Master
Gain in-depth understanding of the key principles of DDD and explore how they can be seamlessly integrated into an Nx monorepo environment.
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Visualizing your application architecture is a critical step in understanding and optimizing your codebase.
Micro Frontends
Use of module federation for loading separately developed and published micro frontends
Angular Elements
Gain in-depth understanding of how Angular Elements works and explore how to integrate them into your application
Expert level
Who is it for?
This expert-level course is tailor-made for those who have a solid grasp of Angular fundamentals and are driven to achieve elite proficiency. It also caters to developers who have already attained expert-level Angular skills and are eager to innovate and optimize their existing setup. Embrace the opportunity to excel and transform your Angular development journey with this advanced course.
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Where does it happen?
The "Angular Architecture: Strategic Design with Nx" course is delivered entirely online and includes a comprehensive suite of training videos, tools, live Q&A calls, and an engaging community. Dive into the world of Angular at your own pace, and complete the course from the comfort of your own home, on your schedule.
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When does it start?
The "Angular Architecture: Strategic Design with Nx" online course commences the moment you enroll. Enjoy the flexibility to work through the content at your own pace, whether fast or slow, as you'll have access to the course indefinitely. Embark on a transformative learning experience tailored to your individual needs and timeline.
Streamlined Learning Process
How does it work?
Simply follow these steps to success: watch the engaging videos, complete the action items, and utilize the provided course material. For any questions or concerns, reach out to our supportive group or participate in Q&A calls. Stay on track with our structured process, and witness your progress and results unfold.
All Your Questions Answered
Angular Master Class

Can I get this course indefinitely?

YES. When you buy this program once, you get lifetime access to the materials (more precisely, as long as MasterCourses.DEV exists).

When does the program start?

You can join the program at any time. Please note that Q&A sessions are held at designated times.

In what form is this program?

The program is in the form of video and audio. The recordings are posted on the platform. After entering your login and password, you have access to your account. In addition to video recordings, files for download are available (document templates, checklists, etc.). In addition to knowledge, you also get access to a closed group only for participants.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes, you will receive a 23% (the percentage depends on your tax zone) VAT invoice for your purchase. The invoice will be sent automatically to the e-mail address provided during the order.

How can I pay for the course?

Payment takes place through the Przelewy24, PayPal and Stripe payment gateway. The preferred payment option is a quick transfer, payment card or BLIK. You can also pay by traditional bank transfer. In case of any doubts, please contact us:

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What if I have a problem or something is unclear?

Write to the e-mail address: Or contact us by phone: +48 664 931 800
Become a Master of Angular Architecture
In this comprehensive course, you will master the use of monorepos to subdivide your solution into multiple libraries and enforce architectural access restrictions. Leverage Nx to accelerate your CI tasks through incremental builds and the build cache.

Throughout the course, you'll progressively explore the implementation of micro frontends using the cutting-edge Webpack Module Federation and Web Components based on Angular Elements. Dive into topics such as sharing libraries, managing version mismatches, dynamic Module Federation, and Nx integration.

Upon completing the individual exercises, you'll have a practical case study to serve as a template for your own projects. Moreover, this course empowers you to assess the various options and strategies tailored to your specific project needs.
Course program
  • Implementation of a strategic design (DDD) in an Nx monorepo
    Learn why domain slicing is key for your successful architecture and how to master it with strategic design (DDD). Find out how to implement your strategic design with Angular and Nx, a well-known extension to the Angular CLI implemented by former Google employees.
  • Visualize the architecture
    Visualize your architecture and especially the interconnections between the individual parts. This helps to get an overview and to locate issues in the implementation of your strategic design.
  • Categorization of libraries
    Categorize your libraries in order to make thinking and discussing about your architecture easier. Learn how these categories can make your structure more self-explanatory.
  • Enforcing architectural specifications
    No broken windows anymore! Learn how to enforce your architecture to guarantee maintainability in long term.
  • Incremental builds and tests to speed up the CI process
    Huge Enterprise-scale Application take a lot of time for builds and tests? Here you learn how to mitigate this issue and how to get a blazing fast CI process.
  • Local and distributed build caches
    Sharing is caring! This is especially true, when it comes to the build cache as it allows to further speed up your CI process.
  • Use of module federation for loading separately developed and published micro frontends
    Micro Frontends help splitting up huge monolithic applications into smaller, less complex and more flexible ones. The brand-new module federation helps integrating these parts for the user at runtime. Here, you learn how to use it.
  • Integration in Angular and the Angular CLI
    While Module Federation is a great technology for modern Micro Frontends, it is not enough. You also need to integrate it with the Angular CLI. This part shows how to accomplish that.
  • Dynamic module federation
    In very dynamic scenarios, you don't know upfront which and how many micro frontends to load at runtime. Dynamic Module Federation has you covered!
  • Sharing of dependencies
    Having 10 Micro Frontends does not mean that you want to load Angular or other libraries 10 times! Hence, here we look into sharing our libraries at runtime.
  • Dealing with version conflicts
    Sharing libraries not only leads to a better runtime performance – it can also lead to version conflicts. Find out which strategies Module Federation offers to deal with such situations.
  • Communication between micro frontends
    No one is an island! Not even a micro frontend! Here, we discuss communicating across Micro Frontends.
  • Sharing widgets via web components (Angular Elements)
    Don't repeat yourself. Sharing widgets can help with this. For supporting different technologies and versions, you can use web components. However, they also come with several consequences. Here, we discuss all of them.
  • Angular’s future with optional Modules: How do Standalone Components affect our architecture
    As Angular evolves, optional modules and standalone components are becoming increasingly relevant in the framework. These innovative features offer a more flexible and modular approach to building applications, allowing developers to create lightweight, efficient, and scalable architectures.

    In this course, we will explore the implications of standalone components on Angular architecture and how they can streamline application development. By harnessing the power of optional modules, you can optimize your applications' performance, maintainability, and adaptability to future changes. Learn how to seamlessly integrate these cutting-edge features into your projects and stay ahead in the ever-changing world of web development.
  • Authentication for Micro Frontends: More secure and easier thanks to Gateways
    Micro frontends are revolutionizing the way we build modern, scalable applications. Ensuring secure authentication is vital to protecting user data and maintaining application integrity. By implementing gateways in your micro frontend architecture, you can enhance security and simplify the authentication process.

    In this course, you will learn how gateways facilitate more secure and efficient authentication for micro frontends. Discover how to leverage gateway technology to centralize and streamline user authentication, making it easier for developers to manage and maintain. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to build robust, secure micro frontend applications with confidence.
  • Building a Frankenstein: Micro Frontends with multiple Frameworks and Versions
    Micro frontends enable developers to break down applications into smaller, more manageable components while working with multiple frameworks and versions. Combining these elements can feel like creating a Frankenstein, but with the right techniques, it's possible to build a harmonious and efficient application.

    In this course, you'll learn how to effectively manage and integrate various frameworks and versions within your micro frontend architecture. Discover strategies for ensuring seamless communication, component interaction, and maintaining application performance despite the diversity of elements.

    Embrace the challenge of crafting a well-structured and highly adaptable application by mastering the art of building micro frontends with multiple frameworks and versions.
  • Modern Architectures with Angular’s Latest Innovations
    - Lightweight Architectures with Standalone Components
    - Automatic Migration to Standalone Components
    - Enforcing loose coupling with eslint and Sheriff
    - Standalone APIs for the Router and NGRX
    - Reusable Libs Custom Standalone APIs
    - Functional Services: Guards, Resolvers & Interceptors
  • Modern State-Management with Angular’s brand-new Signals
    - Signals, Computed, and Effects
    - Guarantees and glitch-freeness
    - Fine-grained Data Binding with Signals
    - Going Zone-less with Signals
    - RxJS-Interop
    - Signals and State Management (NGRX)
  • Reactive State Management with NGRX and your architecture
    In today's world of modern Single Page Applications (SPAs), effective state management is crucial for performance and maintainability. Discover how to integrate reactive state management into your strategic design and learn the techniques to implement it using NGRX.

    In this course, you will explore the intricacies of NGRX and understand how to leverage it to create a well-structured and efficient architecture for your SPA. Enhance your skills in reactive state management, and ensure your application remains performant, scalable, and easy to maintain. Embrace the power of NGRX and elevate your architecture to new heights.
  • NGRX Best Practices
    Let's look into some advanced NGRX patterns and best practices you probably need for your huge applications. We discuss topics like normalization or dealing with view models.
  • Modern Authentication Scenarios with OAuth 2 and OpenId Connect
    Nowadays, we need to connect our applications to existing identity providers like Active Directory. Here you learn how to accomplish this task and how these fits to your architecture.
  • OAuth 2.1 and Best Practices
    Times are changing – and so do Best Practices in the area of modern security. Learn what to avoid and what to take care of to build a future prove authentication that is also ready for the upcoming OAuth 2.1 standard.
  • Ivy – what will it bring in the long run
    In this final outlook, we discover how Ivy, Angular's new compiler, works underneath the covers and how its potential will influence Angular's but also your architecture's future.
  • Micro Frontends with Module Federation: Beyond the Basics
    Dive deep into the world of micro frontends with our course on Module Federation, going beyond the basics to explore advanced techniques and strategies. Learn how to effectively manage and optimize micro frontend architectures, harnessing the full potential of Module Federation.

    In this course, you'll master the art of seamlessly integrating disparate components within your micro frontend application, creating a scalable, maintainable, and high-performance solution. Unlock the secrets of advanced Module Federation and elevate your skills in micro frontend development.
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Meet the Master
Manfred Steyer: Angular Expert & Visionary at

Introducing Manfred Steyer, a renowned trainer, consultant, and software architect with a strong focus on Angular. As a Google Developer Expert (GDE), he contributes to O'Reilly, the German Java Magazine, windows.developer, and Heise publications.
✔ A specialized trainer, consultant, and programming architect for Angular projects.

✔ A Trusted Collaborator for Angular and respected author in the tech industry.

✔ Recognized as a Google Developer Expert (GDE) and Microsoft MVP.

✔ A prominent conference speaker and workshop trainer, active on the global stage.

✔ Author of several insightful books on Angular and related topics.

✔ A passion for excellence that has earned him the prestigious title of Trainer of the Year and made him a double winner of the ngAwards.
Double winner of the ngAwards
Trainer of the Year
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2.2 Theory: Monorepos, Standalone Components, and DDD
4.2 Theory: Signals
5.4 Demo: Custom Selectors
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